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David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies

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Translators Forrest Gander (counterclockwise from center) talks with Laura Healy and Anna Deeny before "Transversal."  The two women were paired with Latin American poets Washington Cucurto, Tamara Kamenszain, and Malú Urriola. Poet and translator Brandel France de Bravo (left of Gander) will lead a workshop during the symposium, which runs through Thursday.

Poets, meet translators

Unusual series brings Latin American authors together with those who relay their work to other cultures



A builder takes a breather from reconstruction efforts in the coastal town of Cobqueruca, Chile, which was the epicenter of an earthquake in February 2010. More than three years later, the work continues ... with the help of Harvard's Recupera Chile. Ned Brown/Harvard Staff

Brick by brick

Long after Chile’s deadly quake, Harvard continues to help rebuild