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Teeth may be an important new resource for understanding the lives of our extinct relatives, said Daniel Green, a postdoctoral fellow at the Forsyth Institute, an affiliate of Harvard Dental School of Medicine.

Reading teeth

Study uses rings in teeth to understand the environment Neanderthals faced


Jezero Crater.

Picturing early Mars

Robin Wordsworth of SEAS explains why just-announced landing site excites researchers


Charles Davis

Critical collections

Importance of biological samples and their preservation goes beyond the obvious


Bees in hive

Bees on the brink

Study shows pesticide exposure can dramatically affect their social behavior


John Doyle, Evelyn Hu, and Mikhail Lukin.

Harvard’s quantum leap

As quantum science and engineering come into their own, co-directors of new initiative say anything is possible


astrophysicist and cosmologist Martin Rees

Crunch time for the human race

With fate of the world in our hands, astrophysicist and cosmologist Martin Rees expects a century of life-altering decisions