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A multimaterial bioprinting of vascularized, stem cell-laden thick tissues used in kidney tissue research by Kim Homan and David Kolesky of Professor Jennifer Lewis's laboratory at Harvard University.

Seeding startups

Office of Technology Development welcomes entrepreneurs-in-residence to Harvard research labs


Onward and upward, robots

Harvard scientists help drive new age of machines, aiming for transformative impact in medicine, on Main Street, and beyond


OpenScholar has enabled Harvard scholars, academic and administrative departments, centers, and projects to create and maintain high-quality websites without programming knowledge or the steep costs associated with outside web development firms.

OpenScholar forms startup

Unique Harvard partnership sees versatile web-publishing platform spin off as company


Inside the Northwest Labs, Julia Strauss ’19 (from left), instructor Gojko Barjamovic, Bary Lisak ’19, and Jordan Donald ’18 apply a chemical to the pottery. "These samples that we are working on have never been touched before,” Strauss said.

Feast for the mind

‘Ancient Lives’ gives students a sense of earliest traditions, including the last meal before a sacking


Nikhil Advani, (from left) University of Alaska, Nancy Knowlton, World Wildlife Fund, and Cam Webb talk about the best ways to understand and communicate about the environment's future inside the Harvard University Center for the Environment before the evening event at the Geo Lecture Hall.

Climate made scary

Magazine article ‘Uninhabitable Earth’ drives panel debate on best way to get from complacency to action


A team led by Gary King found that the volume of discussion as well as the balance of opinion about a major policy topic are significantly impacted if just three outlets write pieces on it.

Small media, big payback

Study shows that such outlets can have broad impact on the national conversation