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Illustration of double helix and test tube.

The next decade in science

Wyss Institute researchers predict the biggest scientific advances of the 2020s


Engraving of a spine.

Backbone of success

In a first, researchers unveil stem cell models of human spine development


Little girl getting haircut.

New hope for sensory calm

Novel approach to treating tactile hypersensitivity in patients with autism-spectrum disorders


Illustration of stars in space.

The giant in our stars

Interconnected stellar nurseries form the largest gaseous structure ever observed in the Milky Way galaxy


Shadow showing across playground.

Power play

‘High Sees’ architect reasserts how play can impact mental, social development


Words alphabets in scattered wood letters on the table.

The power of positive phrasing

Findings framed as ‘promising,’ ‘novel,’ ‘unique’ — used more often by male researchers — are likelier to be cited


Detail of eye with formulas ghosted over it.

Who’s that girl?

Research suggests men’s ability to recognize famous females depends on their country’s degree of gender equity


Preparing a gene therapy implant in a petri dish

Speeding cell, gene therapy development

Innovative public-private partnership led by Harvard and MIT aims to bolster state’s role as a leading region globally for life sciences


Levitating frog.

Physics, real and fictional

Study explores how humans’ sense of ‘intuitive physics’ leaves fingerprints on fictional worlds


Patrick Behrer in Harvard Square.

Toll of climate change on workers

Harvard economist says rise in number of very hot days will cut productivity and hike health risks, especially for many in blue-collar jobs


Heliconius xanthocles butterfly illustration with wings spread.

A clue to biodiversity?

Study reveals surprising amount of gene flow between butterfly species