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Harvard Professor Claudia Goldin

Gender pay gap? Culprit is ‘greedy work’

In ‘Career and Family’ Claudia Goldin tracks evolution through 20th-century gains to today's era of hyper-competition, earning inequality that forces harsh life choices


Google executive leaves court in car.

So what exactly is Google accused of?

Digital economy expert says much of antitrust case comes down to how much influence search giant wields on default setting on devices like phones, PCs


Raquel Alonso-Perez

Are you sure diamonds are forever?

Summit draws artists, executives, scientists to discuss environmental and ethical concerns, other challenges facing jewelry industry


James Riley.

James Riley’s indelible past

Graffiti of his Los Angeles youth — ‘You could experiment; there was no orthodoxy’ — colors the work of Business School scholar


Karen Dynan and Pat Toomey.

Toomey doesn’t see recession looming

But former Republican senator blames Fed for nation’s current economic woes, backs big budget cuts in wide-ranging Kennedy School event


Jerome Powell

Prospects of avoiding recession fading

Ken Rogoff says Fed is caught between rock, hard place: To lower inflation it must raise rates but that may trigger banking crisis. No easy answers.


A pedestrian passes a Silicon Valley Bank branch

Bailouts for everyone?

Law School professor who served as Fed regulator talks moral hazard, implications for inflation after SVB collapse rocks Washington and Wall Street