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Commencement 2014

A collection of stories covering Harvard University’s 363rd Commencement.

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Both Donald Pfister (left) and Rakesh Khurana believe strongly that an important role for the dean is to foster and build the College community of learning. “My goals were modest in a way, but they were really about reaching out and connecting with the students, and working within the College to make sure we weren’t merely in a transition, but moving the College forward,” said Pfister, who now turns the reins over to Khurana.


The community builders

Deans Pfister and Khurana, from differing backgrounds, share the goal of fostering belonging, learning, and excellence in the College

Harvard skyline


Beyond the horizon

Harvard is immersed in understanding the world and improving it. Here’s how the University is making a difference now, and likely will do so in the next decade, in five key fields.