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Taking the stairs

In an age of accessibility, we often gloss over the strange beauty of stairwells



A snow-packed winter left the MBTA buried in criticisms and complaints as the harsh conditions proved too much for the nation’s oldest subway system. Jose Gomez-Ibanez, a transportation and infrastructure policy expert at Harvard Kennedy School and the Graduate School of Design, talked about the political and financial hurdles to smoothly running public transit systems.

Tough days for MBTA

Storms revealed system’s problems, but also its import to area, analyst says; now comes the hunt for solutions



The New Yorker staff writer Katherine Boo came to the Graduate School of Design for a week as a senior Loeb Fellow, where she gave a talk titled "Exploitation, Innovation, and Documentation in 21st-Century Slums."

Chronicler of poverty

To analyze a problem, says journalist Katherine Boo, soar through data and get grounded in reality



China's Houtan Park is the brainchild of Kongjian Yu, a Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) alumnus, dean of architecture and landscape architecture at Peking University, and design critic in landscape architecture and urban design at the GSD. His environmental approach to landscape architecture has won him international acclaim.

With nature in mind

Landscape architect specializes in finding environmental solutions to China’s urbanization problems