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Brain-shaped Wordle grid.

Pinker tries Wordle

Psycholinguist shares insights on brains at play, including his own


footage from students in a visual arts class at Brighton High School.

Finding joy in the everyday

Artists digitally remix the everyday sights and sounds of Allston-Brighton in ‘Frequencies’


Daniela Vega.

Much more than a movie

Chilean director Sebastián Lelio hoped ‘A Fantastic Woman’ would change hearts, but it helped change minds — and law


LROD leads Latinx Movement class.

Moving together again

‘Joy, inspiration, relief’ as Dance Center reopens studios


Two art pieces.

Competing visions

Ahead of ‘The Game,’ art historians discuss a different kind of rivalry


George Washington.

Bringing monuments to life

Conceptual artist Krzysztof Wodiczko aims to give voice to the voiceless through his projections on buildings, statues


"Pandora" by John William Waterhouse.

Genuine heroines

Answering Campbell’s ‘Thousand Faces,’ Maria Tatar reveals multitudes in new book


Tara Menon.

Raised voices

Literature scholar Tara K. Menon can’t resist a gabby character — or a fierce argument


ART production with Ayodele Casel.

Tapping into magic

Ayodele Casel discusses her latest production, a blend of dance, music, and song at the American Repertory Theater


France Arc de Triomphe.

Something darker than awe

Wrapping your mind around massive artworks of Christo and Jeanne-Claude is a complex process, psychologist says


A look behind the scenes

Six commissions underscore power and prominence of arts on campus


Fanny Peabody Professor of Music Alex Rehding speaks about a new book he co-authored on the Golden Record and a new approach to music theory. He is pictured outside the acoustically-designed archway of Sever Hall in Harvard Yard at Harvard University.

Earth’s most excellent mixtape

Music professor’s book turns up volume on Golden Record of sounds of our civilization sent into space