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Artist Anna von Mertens with one of her quilts mapping stars.

Stitching together the stars

Radcliffe quilting exhibit honors astronomer Henrietta Leavitt, whose pioneering work helped unlock the universe


Patrice Naiambana and Tuwaine Barrett in Barber Shop Chronicles.

Stage-worthy shop talk

Traveling England and Africa, Inua Ellams developed the setting for a play that elevates human voices


Speakers Anne Pender and Geraldine Brooks are sit flanked by audience at Houghton Library.

Journalist, novelist, witness

Pulitzer Prize winner Geraldine Brooks discusses her passion for ‘inaccessible’ stories


Vietnam War protesters march in Chicago in 1968 holding sign reading "Unite or perish."

Taking it all personally

Carpenter Center show reflects racial disparities that helped fuel James Baldwin’s writing


In 'Laughing Room' installation, people sit on couches, laughing.

Funny, creepy, or both?

‘Laughing Room,’ metaLab researcher’s installation, turns a visit to the library into a sitcom-like experience — only deeper


The golden death mask of Tutankhamun.

How Tut became Tut

Scholar explains role of photography in raising legend from the tomb


Pixar's "Coco"

Bringing ‘Coco’ to campus

Producer, consultant share creative ambition, career paths behind Academy Award-winning Pixar film


Stories that haunt them

Mariana Enríquez, Stephen King, Emily Brontë among the fiction writers who leave campus readers unsettled


Du Bois Medalists

The great eight

Du Bois medals honor outstanding contributions in black arts, culture


“The Four Immigrants: An American Musical Manga”

From the page to the stage

Prior to Harvard visit, Min Kahng talks about how he created musical ‘Four Immigrants’


Amanda Gorman '20, the inaugural U.S. youth poet laureate, wrote a poem for Harvard President Larry Bacow’s inauguration.

The poetic perspective

Youth laureate Amanda Gorman ’20 will deliver a special poem at Bacow’s inauguration