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A hand-carved effigy pipe of a flying man dressed in a sailor’s uniform, with an ornate pineapple design on his pants is one of the rarely seen treasures on exhibit. Gift of Frederick H. Rindge, Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology, © President and Fellows of Harvard College

The world in an exhibit

As Peabody Museum turns 150, new exhibition highlights pioneering efforts and legacy of cultural history


Ten years after founding the annual festival, John Lithgow ’67, Art.D. '05, acts as the grand marshall of the Arts First parade in 2002. Lithgow will receive the Harvard Arts Medal in a ceremony that will kick off the 25th Arts First festival.

Arts First at 25

Organizers and participants reflect on festival’s evolution and impact


The parchment the Declaration in Congress of the thirteen United States of America (pictured) was written on caught Emily Sneff's attention. Sneff, a researcher with the Declaration Resources Project, also found names weren't in the right order and "it’s in a handwriting I hadn’t seen before."

A hidden Declaration

Scholar Danielle Allen: ‘We knew we had a mystery. We had a big, big mystery.’


Many women in jazz feel “caught between their love of jazz and the way their gender is often considered out of place within it,” says Ingrid Monson, Quincy Jones Professor of African American Music, but “we’re at a cultural turning point" in our attitudes towards female musicians.

Trumpeting women in jazz

Inroads finally seem possible in what traditionally has been a man’s musical world


“The time is right,” said David Chambers, a visiting professor in Theater, Dance & Media. “We have to have a community consensus that we can’t physically hurt each other, but we can argue passionately, be controversial, and turn humor into a flamethrower.”

No rest for the witty

Writers and performers re-energize long tradition of mining D.C. for comedy gold