Going forward, a look back
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Advice for ‘the opposite of underdogs’
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Hailing Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Editor's Pick Photography
Warm welcome for Washington
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Leading man
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Amy Poehler is the 2015 Woman of the Year
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A Hasty entrance for Neil Patrick Harris
The Queen, for a day
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Helen Mirren named Woman of the Year
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A year of change, month by month
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A Pudding Pot for Cotillard
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A great day for Danes
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Jason Segel named Man of the Year
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The Moore’s the merrier
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Bringing sexy back to Harvard
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‘Love Story’ author Erich Segal, 72
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Hasty Pudding Club Forms at Harvard: September 8, 1795
2008-09: A look back
Hasty Pudding donates $10K to Cambridge Public Schools
James Franco well-done at Hasty roast
Zellweger adds Hasty Pudding Pot to trophy shelf
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Bridget Jones is on campus, James Dean on his way
Weinberg, Phillips honored at PBK ceremony
Man of Year Walken tours the Yard
Man of The Year is man of few words
Theron takes roast in stride
Hasty Pudding picks Man and Woman of the Year
In brief
Washington Allston, a name to remember
The hunger for live theater
Fanfare, dramaturges mark dedication
Redesigned Hasty Pudding Theatre is now New College Theatre
‘There’s Something About Ben’
Hasty roasts Ben Stiller as its Man of the Year
‘Roast World’
Seeing Scarlett
Stiller, Johansson named Hasty Pudding’s Man and Woman of Year