When sexy returned to Harvard, it came in the form of Justin Timberlake.

Looking dapper under the bright lights of New College Theatre, Hasty Pudding’s Man of the Year took his roast like only a sexy man can: In pink heels and a platinum blonde wig.

Timberlake, 29, was a member of “The Mickey Mouse Club,” and later of the popular boy band ‘N Sync. He sold more than 7 million copies of his debut solo album, “Justified”; and his later album “FutureSex/LoveSounds” sold more than 9 million.

But according to the hosts of the Hasty Pudding club’s annual satirical production, Kelly Conley ’11 and Steve Rola ’11, the man who once famously sang that he was “bringing sexy back” had lost his mojo. Dressing like a woman was just one of the ways Timberlake might reconnect with his sexy side. First, however, the Queen of Pop had to pay him a visit.

Decked out in a cherry red cone bra and bodysuit, Madonna, played by Andrew Cone ’11, brought her sidekick Lady Gaga, Derek Mueller ’10.

“Justin, it’s me, Madge,” said Madonna dancing around Timberlake. “I’ve brought along Lady Gaga, the result of a horrific accident when I tried to clone myself!”

The student-run Hasty Pudding Theatricals have presented their unique brand of theater every year since 1844, pausing during World Wars I and II. In addition to putting on its annual spoofs, the group donates thousands of dollars to the arts programs of Cambridge Public Schools.

Before the night was out, former band mates ‘N Sync stormed the stage, dressed Timberlake in a silver lamé coat, and began a synchronized dance routine. Once they were gone, Timberlake was again confronted with his past.

“Hi there, Justin. Remember me?”

It was Britney Spears, played to girlish perfection by Cliff Murray ’10, who busted onstage in schoolgirl apparel and long blonde braids. Timberlake, who once dated the real Britney, was obliged to feed the pretend Britney vanilla pudding with a plastic spoon.

“This is so nostalgic,” he quipped.

“Alright, we can give him sexy back,” Spears declared. “Only one thing left to do.”

Enter those aforementioned pink heels, which Timberlake wore with pride, shedding his black oxfords and showing off his bright blue striped socks. He also donned a brassier outfitted with shiny gift boxes.

“Well, I’ve got to tell you guys,” he said, “I’ve never felt more like a man.”

Timberlake, who has received multiple Grammy awards, and even won two Emmy awards for his work with “Saturday Night Live,” was awarded the group’s golden pudding pot. He said the show was “cooler than any Grammy or Emmy.”

“Really, truly this is an honor,” he said. “It’s probably already on YouTube.”

Hasty's Man of the Year

Photos by Rose Lincoln and Kristyn Ulanday/Harvard Staff Photographers

  • Timberlake on tour

    Timberlake on tour

    Hasty Pudding's Man of the year Justin Timberlake took a tour of Harvard Yard the afternoon before his roast.

  • Gettin' cheeky

    Gettin' cheeky

    Pop star, actor, and Hasty Pudding's Man of the Year Justin Timberlake (center) was presented a Pudding Pot by Alec Brown '10 (left) and Tyler Hall '11.

  • Feeding time

    Feeding time

    Britney Spears, played by Cliff Murray '10, confronted ex-boyfriend Timberlake and forced him to feed her pudding.

  • Sexy back

    Sexy back

    The "SexyBack" singer poses in a puffy silver jacket next to dog Daniel Kroop '10.

  • Threesome


    Madonna (Andrew Cone '11) and Lady Gaga (Derek Mueller '10) were just two of the wacky guests to join Timberlake on the New College Theatre stage.

  • It all comes down to pudding

    It all comes down to pudding

    Timberlake displays his Pudding Pot.