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Jackie Schechter '15 (right) started Project Lede in high school, but with the help of classmate Hannah Borowsky ‘15 (left), brought the program to Massachusetts and partnered with the Jackson/Mann K-8 School in Allston.

‘Lede’ing by example

Harvard seniors direct after-school journalism program to teach Allston middle schoolers the art of reporting news



“ISIS communicates perfectly well through YouTube and Twitter and Facebook. It doesn’t need us,” said Jeffrey Goldberg (center), a national correspondent for The Atlantic. “Something radical has shifted in the way some of these terrible groups have seen us, and so I can’t in good conscience tell anybody to go anywhere near this conflict anymore.”

A price too high

Journalist Jeffrey Goldberg reflects on the end of Middle East war correspondents, and what is lost



Three veteran war correspondents talk about the increasingly dangerous job of reporting from conflict zones. New York Times reporter Carlotta Gall (seated, left) has covered Afghanistan since the 9/11 attacks.  Gall, a 2012 Nieman Fellow, is now the North Africa bureau chief for the Times.

Women at war

Veteran journalists discuss dangers, difficulties of reporting from conflict zones



In a new polemic, Harvard Kennedy School Professor Thomas Patterson calls for sweeping changes to the education of journalists and the practice of journalism. “In some ways, it amazes me some of the things that have fallen through the cracks in journalism,” said Patterson. “It’s an old problem, but I think there’s a new urgency.”


Why it’s time, author says, for journalism to raise its intellectual standards