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Harvard Film Archive

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Students test out the HTC Vive virtual reality system at HUBweek.

Plenty to see here

Need a reason to visit Harvard this fall? Joanne Chang, Richard Price, and Andy Warhol are among the many



An American soldier on helicopter patrol over South Vietnam from the film “Hearts and Minds” (1974).

Vietnam, the ongoing memory

Though the war ended almost 40 years ago, it feels curiously current, and still draws scholars and interested students alike



Oh, the horror!

Harvard experts explain attraction, meaning of the beckoning genre



“I feel very fortunate I get to make these movies. I don’t create them, I participate in them,” said two-time Academy Award winner Ang Lee in a talk at the Sackler Museum that kicked off a weekend screening of his films at the Harvard Film Archive. “I am more like a vessel than a creator. … I love this … I also suffer for it,” he said. Lee was joined by his longtime collaborator James Schamus (photo 2, right).

Life of Lee

Acclaimed filmmaker explains how he tackles tough topics to make compelling movies