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Year: 2014

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Jackie Schechter '15 (right) started Project Lede in high school, but with the help of classmate Hannah Borowsky ‘15 (left), brought the program to Massachusetts and partnered with the Jackson/Mann K-8 School in Allston.

‘Lede’ing by example

Harvard seniors direct after-school journalism program to teach Allston middle schoolers the art of reporting news



"To me, the overall conclusions are familiar in general, but all of it is surprising because of the depth of the brutality," said  Alberto Mora, a senior fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. "The extent of it is truly much greater than even I imagined it to be." Mora  is studying the effects that the torture program has had on U.S. foreign policy.

A mirror to coercion

Senate report reveals sweeping, formalized program of torturing prisoners, former U.S. aide says