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Harvard and the Military

Harvard has played a significant role in America’s military traditions since the founding days of the nation, and continues its historical and ongoing commitment to military and public service, as well as its academic contributions in areas like technology, defense, and diplomacy.

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"The system is ill-suited to the needs of today’s returning veteran population," said Linda Bilmes, the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School. "This VA system was set up a long time ago in a different era, pre-Internet, pre-all-volunteer force, and at a time when far fewer troops survived injuries."

Disarray at the VA

Kennedy School’s Bilmes has pragmatic proposals for presidential commission, system overhaul



Seniors pose for the 1914 Harvard Class Album. Those sweet Commencement days marked a last, soon-lost innocence for Harvard, for Radcliffe, and for students everywhere. The world was on the verge of the first global war, which killed 16 million people and lit the fuse on wars to follow.

In 1914, poised for war

Many of the joyous students graduating a century ago would later be drawn into a rising world conflict, in which some of them would die