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Year: 2010

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Col. Ann Wright, who had been in the Army for almost three decades and had then served around the world in the diplomatic corps, was one of only three U.S. government officials to resign in protest to the Iraq war. “You never know when your conscience is going to get you,” she told the audience at the Carr Center-sponsored event "The Razor's Edge," a daylong conference on principled dissent.

The hard way

Four stories of dissent and consequence at Carr Center event



“Sam’s legacy is … vibrant in the current thinking of his students,” said Graham Allison, who moderated a panel on Huntington at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum. The panelists — all Harvard Ph.Ds who were either Huntington’s students or influenced by him — acknowledged his qualities as a teacher, debater, and scholar. The panel included (from left) Graham Allison, Fareed Zakaria, Gideon Rose, Francis Fukuyama, and Eliot Cohen.

Giant steps

Scholars see lasting power in Huntington’s work, ideas