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Year: 2010

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John Podesta (from left), Jeb Bush, and Michelle Rhee offered ideas on education reform at a Harvard Kennedy School talk Nov. 18. “I made education the chief political issue before I made it the chief policy issue,” said Bush, who is finishing a weeklong visiting fellowship at the Institute of Politics. “If you have a passion for something, you shouldn’t keep it a secret.”


Reform advocates Rhee, Bush, Podesta talk politics of education



“It’s a book about trying to answer questions, even though you’re not really going to find an answer,” said writer Suzanne Berne, who is out with a new memoir about her grandmother. “People contain history, and they contain all sorts of connections to events they lived through.”

Mystery woman

Berne gathers clues to grandmother’s life for ‘Missing Lucile’



“Coach Amaker (pictured) is hands-on,” says Kyle Casey '13. “He pushes to get the best out of us. That’s what I like. He’s defensive-minded. His energy flows right down the line through the coaches, the team, and the managers. If you look at his eyes, you can see the fire.”


Amaker leads turnaround for men’s basketball