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‘100 Reasons To Give’

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Harvard kicks off Community Gifts campaign in a big way

What inspires you? The reasons we give and causes we care about are as diverse as the people in the Harvard community. For more than 50 years, faculty and staff at Harvard have united to support those in need, beginning with efforts to provide food and clothing to soldiers and support hospitals during World War II.

With Harvard Community Gifts: 100 Reasons To Give, you can support one or more diverse organizations with a donation through payroll deduction or by check.

Last year, our contributions helped hundreds of human service agencies and charities in the Greater Boston area. The support from the Harvard community was significant, the benefit to the thousands of people who were able to regain independent lives and more secure futures, immeasurable.

What about this year? What will be your reason to give?

You can share your reason to give on the Harvard Community Gifts Twitter campaign by emailing your reason, name, and department to

Come to the Giving Fair!

If you’re not sure how to invest your charitable dollars, you are invited to Harvard’s first Giving Fair on Dec. 10 at the Radcliffe Gymnasium. There you can learn more about the important work and volunteer opportunities at charities serving people in need. You can also pick up or drop off pledge cards at the fair or use a convenient kiosk for making an online donation.