Women with heart risk
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Hotamisligil to receive Endocrine Society’s 2015 Laureate Award
Saving neonatal lives
Healthy diet associated with lower risk of type 2 diabetes in minority women
More whole grains linked with lower mortality
Air Force reservists possibly exposed to Agent Orange from planes
The heat is on: Causes of hospitalization due to heat waves identified
PTSD doubles diabetes risk in women
Fine particulate air pollution linked with increased autism risk
Swapping veggies for meat a healthier choice
A cross-disciplinary approach to eradicating malaria
On the ground: Alumnus battles the nightmare in Liberia
HSPH faculty member, alumnus, among Ebola fighters named Time’s ‘Person of the Year’
Getting to universal health coverage
Simple preventive measures may help stem Ebola
Probing genes for disease risk
Getting a detailed picture of Ebola
In memoriam: Dimitrios Trichopoulos, ‘giant’ in cancer epidemiology
Boosting comprehensive women’s health care in Sub-Saharan Africa
Poll finds many in Massachusetts have firsthand experience with a medical error
The state of AIDS
Yogurt may reduce type 2 diabetes risk
HSPH ‘molecular pathway’ discovery may lead to type 2 diabetes treatment
Police at higher risk of sudden cardiac death during stressful duties
Comprehensive African health initiative needed
Smoke and fire
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Pursuing a path of diversity, inclusivity
Text messages effective in treating malaria
Risk of birth defects appears low for women on antiretrovirals during early pregnancy
Report urges investment in health, well-being of young adults
Helping doctors talk to patients about guns
Rolling back school lunch nutrition standards a bad idea
Women dismiss heart disease warning signs more than men
Report urges investment in health, well-being of young adults
Cracking Ebola’s genetic code
Campaign to reduce firearm suicide wins support among NH firearm retailers
Calculating the economic, social impact of maternal deaths
Replacing saturated fat with polyunsaturated fat linked with lower risk of heart disease
Hospitals converting to for-profit status show better financial health
Harvard community pedals its way to gold
Making end-of-life care more humane
Red meat consumption and breast cancer risk
Support for Medicaid expansion strong among low-income adults
HSPH Professor Donna Spiegelman wins Director’s Pioneer Award
$24M gift to HSPH for new research center
Ebola’s disastrous effects could ramp up significantly
Power plant standards could save thousands of U.S. lives every year
Weapons for battling viruses
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The communications gap on vaccines
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Voice of the brutalized
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