Harvard Houses

Harvard’s 12 Houses are home to the College’s upperclassmen. Over the years, the Gazette’s photographers have offered regular glimpses into the Houses, reflecting the living spaces and the traditions that shape the lives of generations of students. As House renewal continues, another chapter in the center of student life is captured, recorded, and preserved.

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  • New faculty deans appointed

    Danoff Dean of Harvard College Rakesh Khurana announced the appointment of the new faculty deans of Currier House. Professor Latanya Sweeney and Sylvia Barrett will take their posts this fall.

  • Winthrop House renewal to begin

    Renewal work will begin on Winthrop House soon, as plans are detailed.

  • House renewal benefits from Hutchins Family Challenge

    In 2012, the Hutchins Family Foundation created a fundraising challenge for House renewal. The challenge has been completed with more than $50 million from 40 generous gifts.

  • Cooperation is key to Dudley Co-op

    Harvard students opt for a different House experience when they move into the Dudley Co-op.

  • Winthrop House addition honors alumnus

    New Winthrop House addition will be named Robert M. Beren Hall, in honor of alumnus.

  • Winthrop House do-over

    Renewal plans for Winthrop House have been adjusted in response to community feedback.

  • No loss of character in new-look Dunster

    Dunster House opened its doors Saturday as students moved in for the first time since its renewal. It took 400 workers more than a year to complete Dunster’s 183,060 square feet of updates and additions.

  • Leverett’s evolution

    Leverett House’s McKinlock Hall reopened to students at the beginning of the academic year after 15 months of reconstruction. McKinlock is the second completed project in the House renewal initiative,…

  • McKinlock Hall, rejuvenated

    Leverett House’s McKinlock Hall re-opened to students at the beginning of the academic year after 15 months of reconstruction. McKinlock is the second completed project in the House renewal initiative, which is one of the largest and most ambitious capital improvement campaigns in Harvard College history and a major campaign priority.

  • House renewal in ‘full swing’

    The renovation of Dunster House, which will be the first full House to undergo renewal, is to begin immediately after Commencement and last 15 months. The Dunster community will be relocated for the next academic year to “swing” facilities, with its temporary hub at the former Inn at Harvard, which is undergoing a complete renovation. Other House communities will also stay at the inn during future renewals.

  • A look inside: The Quad Quartet

    On a quiet Sunday morning, the sounds of strings reverberate through Currier House, emanating from the string quartet in the House’s Senior Common Room.

  • ‘In the Dark’

    Bathed in crimson light and huddled around an evening campfire, “Eve” and “Zade” — played by Taylor Phillips ’13 and Matt Bialo ’15 — take an apocalyptic stroll through a forest filled with a dark wonder and pathos in the Adams House Pool Theater production of “In the Dark.”

  • New lifestyles for Stone Hall

    Since students moved back into Quincy House’s Stone Hall in August, after 15 months of construction, they have explored and utilized the new academic, social, and study spaces in creative ways.

  • Next up for renewal: Winthrop

    Winthrop House is expected to be the next undergraduate residence in Harvard College’s House system to be renewed.

  • New name for Old Quincy

    After 15 months of construction, the renewal of Old Quincy — the neo-Georgian portion of Quincy House — was completed Saturday when it was renamed Stone Hall in honor of Robert G. Stone Jr. ’45, the late senior fellow of the Harvard Corporation, during a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

  • Updated Quincy a happy home

    After 15 months of construction and renovation, Old Quincy, the first test project in the House Renewal initiative, began welcoming students this week.

  • Old Quincy, suddenly new

    After 15 months of construction and renovation, Old Quincy is ready to welcome back students for the academic year.

  • Down home

    House life is a vibrant experience in which undergraduates learn from and mingle with other students, tutors, House masters — and their families — from sophomore year until graduation. A glimpse inside as seen through the photographers’ lens.

  • A look inside: Pforzheimer House

    Pfoho Pfridays use the newly renovated Junior Common Room to celebrate the weekend’s arrival at 5 p.m.

  • Houses become homes

    With another Housing Day, Harvard’s freshmen learn where they’ll be living next year, as the Houses colorfully compete to show the most spirit.

  • Inside the Dudley House Co-op

    The Dudley Co-op is Harvard’s sole on-campus alternative to the traditional House system. Thirty-two undergraduates live in a pair of Victorian houses nestled in a residential neighborhood just outside Harvard Square.

  • New life for McKinlock

    The second House renewal test project, Leverett’s McKinlock Hall, is scheduled to begin in June. The project will result in greater common and recreational space for students, which will help foster community and nurture learning.

  • House renewal, ready for launch

    The Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Harvard College announced plans to launch the systemwide effort to renew the University’s 12 undergraduate Houses. The announcement unveils Dunster as the first full House to be renewed, along with the location of “swing” housing, and the pacing for the project.

  • A look inside: Quincy House

    Harvard’s Housing Day came full force to Quincy House, as students colorfully welcomed new residents.

  • A look inside: Lowell House

    The Lowell House Speeches, initiated last year by resident tutor Sandy Alexander, are an opportunity for students to practice public discourse, while at the same time giving housemates a more personal glimpse into the lives of people they may recognize only in passing.

  • A look inside: Radcliffe Quad

    Currier, Pforzheimer, and Cabot Houses border the Quad, but mostly it belongs to Cabot House, which has residences on three of the four sides.

  • A look inside: Cabot House

    In Cabot House, a new café quickly becomes a familiar gathering place.

  • Shape of things to come

    The renewal of Old Quincy, the neo-Georgian section of that student House, will re-create the space as more comfortable, modern, and better able to host academic and social activities. The project will begin next May and wrap up in the summer of 2013.

  • A look inside: Winthrop House

    Stars from the hit series “The Wire” attended a dinner in their honor at Winthrop House.

  • A look inside: Currier House

    The crest of Currier House shows a field of red, representing Harvard, surrounding a simple golden tree. Within their own communal “tree,” Currier residents have been “greening” the way they live.