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At Sanders Theatre, a panel of top female leaders examined the evolving role of women. Karen Gordon Mills (from left, photo 1) posed questions to Jill Abramson, Edith Cooper, and Janet Napolitano, following an introduction by Harvard University President Drew Faust (photo 2). Faust called the gathering a “critical conversation” about the challenges and opportunities women face today.
“What does power require of me beyond a thick skin?” she asked.

Power suits

Top women talk about being leaders, and what it takes to get there



Columbine pollinators include bees, which prefer short, curled spurs; hummingbirds, which enjoy short, straight spurs; and hawkmoths (shown here), which can dig into long, slender spurs.

Tailored to fit

Flowers change to match pollinators’ tongues, causing dramatic diversity