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Commencement 2014

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“While I enjoy seeing a patient in the office, I want to be able to impact populations,” said Darrell Gray, who graduates this spring with a master’s in public health and who expects to continue his work linking the medical community to disadvantaged populations through an appointment as an assistant professor at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

House calls, without visits

With a master’s from the School of Public Health, physician Darrell Gray hopes to use telecommunications to extend care to underserved neighborhoods



Both Donald Pfister (left) and Rakesh Khurana believe strongly that an important role for the dean is to foster and build the College community of learning. “My goals were modest in a way, but they were really about reaching out and connecting with the students, and working within the College to make sure we weren’t merely in a transition, but moving the College forward,” said Pfister, who now turns the reins over to Khurana.

The community builders

Deans Pfister and Khurana, from differing backgrounds, share the goal of fostering belonging, learning, and excellence in the College



Seniors pose for the 1914 Harvard Class Album. Those sweet Commencement days marked a last, soon-lost innocence for Harvard, for Radcliffe, and for students everywhere. The world was on the verge of the first global war, which killed 16 million people and lit the fuse on wars to follow.

In 1914, poised for war

Many of the joyous students graduating a century ago would later be drawn into a rising world conflict, in which some of them would die



“My thought process was, I’ve been taking Latin since middle school and I figure I’m going to get nothing out of it unless I did something like this,” said Timothy Barry-Heffernan, who will deliver the Latin oration.

Their memories and hopes

A budding mathematician, an international thinker, and a creative achiever are the student speakers at this year’s Morning Exercises