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Caroline Perry

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One of the projects receiving support from the accelerator was developed by Charles Lieber, Mark Hyman Jr. Professor of Chemistry, who has invented polymer-like mesh electronics and a method of delivering the electronics by syringe injection into living organisms.

Advancing ingenuity

Five research projects with commercial potential receive sustaining funding through Harvard’s PSE Accelerator program



Ridhi Tariyal, M.B.A. ’09, and former Harvard researcher Stephen Gire became close friends while battling epidemics in West Africa. They have since teamed up to develop diagnostic technology that helps women monitor their own health and fertility.

Our blood, ourselves

Two Harvard-trained researchers are developing diagnostic technology to help women monitor their own health and fertility



Herchel Smith Professor of Computer Science Margo Seltzer: "I like building stuff that people use, and so the idea of actually getting some fruits of our labor into people’s hands and making their lives better was really appealing."

Leading through impact

For Harvard computer scientists, entrepreneurship is often a fulfilling extension of their cutting-edge research