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"One result of our modern attitude toward running is that we forget how good just average people can be," says Daniel Lieberman.

How fast can we run?

Marathon-ready Daniel Lieberman offers evolutionary perspective on Bannister 4-minute mile, human speed limits, and ‘Man Against Horse’



A new study, co-authored by Felix Warneken, the John L. Loeb Associate Professor of the Social Sciences, and Alexandra Rosati ’05, who will join Harvard’s Department of Human Evolutionary Biology as an assistant professor this summer, suggests that humans’ cognitive capacity for cooking is shared by chimpanzees.

Cooking up cognition

While chimps can’t make meals, they do understand basics of heating food, and appreciate it, study says



The fossilized hipbone of an ape called Sivapithecus is raising a host of new questions about whether the upright body plan of apes may have evolved multiple times.

Walk like a man

Fossil raises puzzling questions about how upright body plan of great apes evolved