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Year: 2010

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Adela Penagos, director of the Advising Programs Office, is particularly plugged in to the academic side of undergraduate life because of her own studies. She holds a Ph.D. from Boston University in Hispanic language and literatures, and has taught in the field since 1989.

Key support

New APO director brings passion for advising, diversity



Scientists Paul Tafforeau (left), Tanya Smith, and Jean-Jacques Hublin position the upper jaw (maxilla) of the Le Moustier 1 juvenile Neanderthal before passing powerful X-rays through the fossil to see inside its teeth. Modern human developmental models suggested that this individual would have been 15 to 16 years of age, while the current study demonstrates that this 11- to 12-year-old individual matured more rapidly than modern humans. Fossil courtesy of the Museum fur Vorund Frühgeschichte, Berlin; photo by Chantal Argoud (ESRF)

Teeth marks

Examination illuminates developmental differences between Neanderthals, modern humans