Five staff photographers will offer close-ups of the interests, activities, and personalities inside five Harvard Houses in installments over the course of the academic year.

As Drag Night reaches full swing in the Adams House dining hall, female students dressed as “greasers” and male students dressed as “pink ladies” belt out the song “You’re the One That I Want” from the musical “Grease.” Amid a fortress of soda bottles and pizza boxes, the golden locks of Adams House co-Master Sean Palfrey bounce up and down as he rocks with laughter.

Judith Palfrey, also co-Master and dressed as the baseball player “Shoeless Joe,” explains the event’s origins: “The first Drag Night arose over 20 years ago in response to safety issues for gay and lesbian students at Harvard. It’s important to understand the differences and enjoy the diversity of people. That’s what Adams House stands for, particularly the strengths that each person brings to the community. Also, this is just pure fun and silly!”

Wearing a pink cashmere sweater, black wig, and chiffon skirt, Collin Rees ’12 said, “Drag Night reaches back to the roots of Adams House, back to when it was seen as the artsy House … It’s a chance to do something really fun with the Adams House community.”

Dressing up

Kris Snibbe/Staff Photographer

  • Hide the hair

    Hide the hair

    Gender-bending for Adams House Drag Night, Elyse Traverse ’11 (left) gets a little hair help from Adams House tutor Sarah Downer.

  • Tying one on

    Tying one on

    Co-Master of Adams House Sean Palfrey (in wig) fixes the tie and collar of Annie Douglas ’12.

  • Rather odd

    Rather odd

    Who knew drag could be so regal? Under the austere art of Adams House, its resident men are dolled up like women.

  • You’re the one that I want

    You’re the one that I want

    Elyse Traverse ’11 (front) belts a ditty from “Grease.”

  • 5 o’clock shadow

    5 o’clock shadow

    Candice Smith ’11 with Luke Sperduto ’11 (background) perform “Skater Boy” by Avril Lavigne.

  • Bieber fever!

    Bieber fever!

    The Adams House tutors line up for a performance of a Justin Bieber classic.

  • Funky chicken!

    Funky chicken!

    Adams House Masters Sean and Judith Palfrey exhibit some serious moves.

  • So beautiful

    So beautiful

    Sam Novey ’11 (from left), Kellie O’Toole ’11, and Justin Butler ’11 make for frisky lords and lasses.

  • Vice versa

    Vice versa

    House Masters Sean and Judith Palfrey switch roles for a night.

  • When it’s over …

    When it’s over …

    Sam Houston ’11 cleans up the chaos.

  • Va-va-voom


    Pink is the color for Collin Rees ’12.

  • Conga!


    Men? Women? Who cares? Let’s conga!