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Corydon Ireland

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Detail from an ancient Egyptian sandstone temple relief (photo 1) at the Harvard Semitic Museum. Harvard Egyptologist Peter Der Manuelian (photo 2) outlines the life of museum founder David Gordon Lyon, pictured far right. Manuelian’s co-lecturers Adam Aja (left, photo 3) and Joseph A. Greene.

The old, made new

Refurbished Semitic Museum celebrates the past while reorienting for the future



The gender-segregated signatures on this anti-slavery petition (image 1), sent to the 25th Congress from upstate New York, illustrate the “separate spheres” of household life in antebellum America. The work done by study co-author Daniel Carpenter (image 2), points to a trove of petitions now languishing in state and national archives. Another example (image 3) is a “Petition from Ladies of Marshfield, Massachusetts, 1835.”

Foreshadowing feminism

Petitioning against a congressional gag rule on slavery before the Civil War spurred generations of activists



Air quality in Mexico City is influenced by the bowl-like valley it sits within, surrounded by pollution-trapping mountains like those in this 47-story view (photo 1). Heavy traffic accounts for most of the air pollution in this megacity of 22 million residents (photo 2). Yet it also has the largest bike-sharing program (photo 3) in Latin America — one of many attempts to improve the city’s environment and quality of life.

Coming up for air

Mexico City, Harvard alliance to study health changes after two decades of major environmental upgrades



The tower of Adolphus Busch Hall is pictured at Harvard University. Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer

Vertical Harvard

For two centuries, the University hugged the ground; then, its buildings began to soar



Novelist Ralph Ellison was a panelist at a Harvard conference on the novel in 1953, just months after “Invisible Man” gave him lifetime literary visibility. Newly discovered audio from the event provides a rare early glimpse of an extemporaneously incisive Ellison, who went on to make a living as a teacher and literary journalist.

Lost voices of 1953

The thoughts and theories of writer Ralph Ellison come to life with rediscovery of Harvard conference recordings