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  • Racial and economic disparities intertwined, study finds

    While African-Americans have moved to higher ranks on the income distribution scale in the decades since the Civil Rights Movement, those improvements have largely been blunted by rapid income growth for the richest members of society and income stagnation among lower- and middle-income families.

    Robert Manduca
  • Corporate activism takes on precarious role

    Microsoft President Brad Smith examines the impact of corporate activism during a HUBweek talk with Harvard Business Review editor Adi Ignatius.

    Harvard Business Review Editor-in-Chief, Adi Ignatius talks with Brad Smith (left), President and Chief Legal Officer, Microsoft
  • Reviving the American dream, one neighborhood at a time

    New economics research and policy institute to probe ways to boost opportunity in the U.S.

  • Bacow returns to Michigan roots

    During a visit to his home city, Detroit, Harvard President Larry Bacow made the case for college to high school students, and lauded the city’s recovery efforts.

  • Harvard, U. of Michigan to tackle social ills

    Harvard and the University of Michigan have formed two partnerships designed to encourage economic opportunity in struggling Detroit and to fight the national scourge of opioid addiction.

  • Another challenge pays off

    A project that won the Harvard President’s Innovation Challenge in 2015 is poised to transform how we make emergency calls. RapidSOS is one of many student ideas brought to life with help from the President’s Challenge and the Harvard Innovation Lab.

  • How to think like a gourmand

    A new Harvard Business School paper says that the best way for food enthusiasts to perform like expert tasters isn’t by memorizing flavor profiles or logging more hours over the spit bucket. Instead, it involves letting go of buzzwords and making taste a visual experience.

  • Problem-solving techniques take on new twist

    When solving problems, both groups in which members never interacted and groups whose members constantly interacted provided expected results. The surprising outcome came from groups whose members collaborated intermittently.

  • Graphic images speak to consumers of sugary drinks

    In Harvard studies, one of which tracked more than 20,000 beverage sales, graphic warning labels were linked to reduced sugary drink purchases.

  • Unleash your inner rebel

    Harvard Business School Professor Francesca Gino talks about what she learned from the talented rebels she’s worked with during her research over the years, and what they have to teach us about when to break the rules.

  • Vulnerability as a tool for strong leadership

    Motivational speaker Mike Robbins joins the FAS Diversity Dialogue series and discusses how to bring your authentic self into the workplace, and why it’s important to.

    Mike Robbins
  • The ‘understanding deficit’ between China, U.S.

    During an address at Harvard Law School, China’s ambassador to this country, Cui Tiankai, said that misperceptions and misunderstandings are the roadblocks to better U.S.-China relations.

    Cui Tiankai,
  • The quest to win over Amazon

    Harvard Business School Professor Sunil Gupta discusses Amazon’s unusual sweepstakes competition to find a new location for its second headquarters, dubbed “Amazon HQ2.”

  • A business success based on openness

    In an appearance at Harvard, businessman Ray Dalio explains the unorthodox principles behind his highly successful investment management firm.

    Ray Dalio
  • The stock market goes off-road

    Harvard Business School’s Robin Greenwood, who studies price bubbles, discusses the stock market plunge that took place earlier this week.

  • The NBA-HBS career connection

    When NBA Meets M.B.A.: A new Harvard Business School program pairs NBA players with M.B.A. student mentors to help young athletes up their business game.

    Photos by Kwame Owusu-Kesse/K.KESS Photography
  • Try hard, find God, get rich

    The prosperity gospel, a strain of Christian belief that that links faith, positive thinking, and material wealth, is finding a foothold in American politics with the rise of President Trump, according to panelists at a Kennedy School forum.

  • Golden age for team players

    Workers with strong social skills are increasingly valuable to employers, according to a new analysis by Harvard education economist.

  • Scholars home in on U.S. inequality

    A new Harvard initiative focused on inequality in the U.S. includes a postdoctoral fellowship to begin in the 2018-19 academic year.

  • Want to do well? Then do good

    Harvard Business School Professor Steven Rogers told an audience at the Harvard Ed Portal that identifying problems and creating ways to solve them can change society, especially in underserved communities.

    “Entrepreneurship is a tool for providing something beneficial to society," Steven Rogers, M.B.A. '85, told his Ed Portal audience.
  • Political failure through a business lens

    A new report from Harvard Business School Professor Michael E. Porter and co-author Katherine Gehl looks at the country’s dysfunctional political system through the lens of business competition to find practical, effective ways to improve how politics serves what should be its most important customers: average voters.

    Harvard University Business School professor, Michael Porter and co-author Katherine Gehl, (left)
  • On internet privacy, be very afraid

    Cybersecurity expert Bruce Schneier, a fellow with the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, discusses what consumers can do to protect themselves from government and corporate surveillance.

  • Finance meets humanities — really

    Economist Mihir Desai sets aside his usual academic work in a new book in which he uses plain language and stories drawn from literature and art to explain the basic principles of finance and show how deeply they are rooted in the humanities.

  • Teaching Uber instead of HBS students

    Harvard Business School professor Frances Frei takes leave from classroom to reform the workplace culture at Uber.

  • Black leadership, front and center

    Harvard Business School course focuses on case studies of black business leaders and their challenges.

  • The internal marriage tax of women M.B.A.s

    Study says that female M.B.A. students may downplay their career ambitions if they sense doing otherwise will harm their marriage prospects.

  • For retail, the revolution is televised

    For retail, the revolution is being televised, or at least delivered through online screens.

  • A closer look at the post-election stock rally

    A new Kennedy School paper looks at early investor reaction to Donald Trump’s presidency.

  • Giving women the edge

    Women’s Entrepreneurship Day brought powerful business minds to campus.

  • Taking the stigma out of poverty

    A two-day workshop will examine how poverty leads to social exclusion, and how to reduce it.