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Peter Galison

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An American soldier on helicopter patrol over South Vietnam from the film “Hearts and Minds” (1974).

Vietnam, the ongoing memory

Though the war ended almost 40 years ago, it feels curiously current, and still draws scholars and interested students alike



Three filmmakers with Harvard ties have been nominated for Academy Awards for best documentary feature film. The young directors honed their skills as undergraduates in Harvard's Department of Visual and Environmental Studies. Above are three scenes from Joshua Oppenheimer's "The Act of Killing."

Film as a force

Three Oscar nominees for best documentaries learned their craft in Harvard program



Graduate students at the A.R.T. created a theatrical exploration of Galileo's discovery of sunspots (photo 1). The event was organized by Peter Galison, Pellegrino University Professor (photo 2), and included a production of “The Greatest Witness" (photo 3) and a musical performance.

Galileo’s reach

Conference to mark 400th anniversary of insights on sunspots has breadth to match its subject



At the exhibit “Cold War in the Classroom,” you can flip through the Life magazine issue of March 31, 1958, and get a glimpse of pre-Sputnik fear: an article about the “underdog profession” of high school science teaching, in peril during a race to domination against the Soviets.

Cold War fever

Exhibit uses maps, texts, video to show how fear entered classrooms