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William Butler, multi-instrumentalist for Arcade Fire, enrolled in the Kennedy School's midcareer master’s program in public administration to broaden and enhance the band's award-winning humanitarian efforts.

Moving the needle

Arcade Fire’s Will Butler graduates from HKS to resume a musical career that also fuels humanitarian work



A self-described “nerd,” Veronica Gloria said that even at a young age she knew she wanted to be a bridge between minority and immigrant communities and the rest of society. “I thought, how can we understand each other, and how can we move together toward justice?”

An advocate for others

Veronica Gloria ’15 worked to empower first-generation and Latino students


George C. Marshall (third from right) talks with Harvard President James Bryant Conant on the steps of Widener Library during Harvard's Commencement in 1947. Henry Kissinger recalls the content of Marshall's 1947 Commencement address, which marked a historic departure in American foreign policy.

Reflections on the Marshall Plan

Henry Kissinger recalls when George C. Marshall, speaking at Harvard’s Commencement in 1947, extended America’s hand to a battered Europe, helping to create a stable postwar order