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Black Lives Matter

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Glenn Foster holds up a sign saying "I can't breathe" in front of the Capitol.

Why they protest

Harvard students share why they took part in recent BLM protests and what this moment means to them



Fire burns during protest of police killing of George Floyd outside White House.

The fire this time

Lawrence D. Bobo dissects police killings of black men and the history and cognitive forces behind racial bigotry and violence, and why he sees signs of hope



“John Hope Franklin wrote history — discovering neglected and forgotten dimensions of the past, mining archives with creativity and care, building in the course of his career a changed narrative of the American experience and the meaning of race within it,” said President Drew Faust, giving the keynote address in the last of a yearlong series of events as part of the John Hope Franklin Centenary at Duke University.

In praise of John Hope Franklin

Speaking at Duke, Faust cites scholar’s dedication to the field of African-American history, and to reminding the nation of its troubled past and present



A new report between the Harvard Kennedy School’s Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management and the National Institute of Justice is shedding new light on the culture of distrust between law enforcement officers and African-Americans in many U.S. cities.

Justice, pursued

Baltimore unrest echoes some larger challenges in ties between police and citizenry, analysts and report say