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The Quest for Racial Justice

Stories containing Harvard insights and coverage of the movement against systemic racism in America

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Fire burns during protest of police killing of George Floyd outside White House.


The fire this time

Lawrence D. Bobo dissects police killings of black men and the history and cognitive forces behind racial bigotry and violence, and why he sees signs of hope

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Harvard Law School

Race and health

Panelists examine the connection between law and racial vulnerability to COVID-19

A Juneteenth flag.

Graduate School of Education

The meaning of Juneteenth

Historian Jarvis Givens on freedom celebrations, Black aspiration, and the continuing pursuit of justice

Police tape.

Harvard Kennedy School

The hidden trauma of police killings

New research finds black and Hispanic students living close to police-involved killings suffer substantial educational and psychological damage

Protest outside Capital.

Harvard Kennedy School

A movement greater than this tragic moment

Harvard Kennedy School faculty offer insights and solutions to what lies at the core of the nationwide unrest sparked by the killing of George Floyd.