The Quest for Racial Justice

Stories containing Harvard insights and coverage of the movement against systemic racism in America

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  • Racism, coronavirus, and African Americans

    Harvard panel discusses long-festering wounds of racial inequities and steps forward.

    Zoom grid of panelists.
  • Facing the denial of American racism

    Radcliffe Institute panel explores the social roots of the denial of racism in America, and ways to raise awareness.

    A sign reads, Justice for George Floyd.
  • Why America can’t escape its racist roots

    Interview with Orlando Patterson, a historical and cultural sociologist, about the killing of George Floyd and how it exposed the deep roots of racism in American society.

    Orlando Patterson.
  • The fire this time

    As protests continue over the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, Lawrence D. Bobo, dean of social science and the W.E.B. Du Bois Professor of the Social Sciences at Harvard University, discusses the underlying social and cognitive factors at work in police violence against Black people.

    Fire burns during protest of police killing of George Floyd outside White House.