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U.S. diet shows modest improvement
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Healthy menus for people and planet
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Study finds Mediterranean diet reduces heart disease risk
Task force finds no need for healthy women to take daily Vitamin D, calcium
Crash course in healthy cooking aims to help docs better help their patients
Weight and mortality
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HSPH researchers support petition for limits on added sugars in beverages
Obesity studies generate debate on impact of weight, sugar on health
Kids are what they eat
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Red meat raises red flags
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Obesity? Diabetes? We’ve been set up
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Muffin makeover
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Food reform to fight obesity
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Harvard serves up its own ‘Plate’
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Dose response
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Talking with their mouths full
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Probing the golden years
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Tom Harkin presented with HSPH’s Healthy Cup Award
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Reducing malnutrition
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Want to live well?
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D. Mark Hegsted, national force in science of human nutrition, dies
Breast cancer danger rising in developing world
Fatty foods feed heart attacks, researchers say
Low-fat dairy may help reduce risk of type 2 diabetes
Low-carb more effective than low-fat
New alternative to USDA dietary guidelines nearly twice as effective in reducing risk for major chronic disease
Nutrition book author Willett rebuilds USDA food pyramid