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Elisa New, Powell M. Cabot Professor of American Literature, is teaching a new Extension School course aimed at better equipping secondary school teachers to teach poetry using footage of national personalities such as Nas, Bill Clinton, Elena Kagan, and Bono reading a favorite poem.

Poetry unbound

Professor enlists Nas, Gehry, and others to increase teachers’ reach



Professor Sara Schechner shows students compasses, sextants, and a variety of other instruments that sailors used to measure and predict their location at sea.

An academic reality show

'PredictionX' brings together faculty from across the University to discuss the human need to know the future



For a MOOC on global health equity, a small HarvardX production crew traveled to Rwanda (pictured) and Haiti to bring back personal stories from experts who are often not given a voice: the people directly affected by healthcare policies.

MOOCs on the move

HarvardX not only serves many students overseas, it’s creating content there too



Rather than substituting online learning for in-person learning as some courses do, HarvardX Faculty Director Robert Lue said a new hybrid model combining online and in-person learning far from Harvard’s campus seeks instead to combine the strengths of each method.

EdX marks the spot

Harvard’s online courses evolve, as hybrid models mix remote learning with campus interaction