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"An effective leader, first and foremost, has to be true to him- or herself and be authentic. I think Bill Belichick is being true to himself," said W. Carl Kester, the George Fisher Baker Jr. Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.

Doing his job

Bill Belichick’s endlessly efficient management style holds lessons for business



A signing ceremony with  John A. Paulson, M.B.A. '80, and President Drew Faust marked the celebration of Harvard's largest gift. The $400 million will  support research, teaching, financial aid, and faculty development for Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, which has been renamed in honor of Paulson.

Big boost for SEAS

John A. Paulson’s $400 million gift will fuel School’s rapid growth in technology, engineering fields



Last month Apple CEO Tim Cook (pictured) rolled out Apple Pay with the new iPhone 6, touting its convenience and security when making purchases. But Harvard Business School's Sunil Gupta isn't so sure consumers will buy into it. "I think it’s more psychological. We’re all creatures of habit, and we’re used to doing certain things," he said. "I think at the retail level, adoption will take more time ..."

Pocket change

Q&A on Apple’s new foray into the technological race to disrupt how we pay to shop