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Donald Pfister

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Both Donald Pfister (left) and Rakesh Khurana believe strongly that an important role for the dean is to foster and build the College community of learning. “My goals were modest in a way, but they were really about reaching out and connecting with the students, and working within the College to make sure we weren’t merely in a transition, but moving the College forward,” said Pfister, who now turns the reins over to Khurana.

The community builders

Deans Pfister and Khurana, from differing backgrounds, share the goal of fostering belonging, learning, and excellence in the College



Interim Dean of Harvard College Donald Pfister (from left) joined Amy Yin '14 and Zipcar founder Robin Chase during the 2014 Harvard College Women’s Leadership Awards ceremony. Kate Meakem '14 was awarded an honorable mention.

Women leaders recognized

Harvard Women’s Center honored undergrad and an innovative entrepreneur during the Women’s Leadership awards



For the first time in a decade, four glass pieces depicting pollination and rotting fruit are on view at the Harvard Museum of Natural History’s Glass Flowers gallery. The exhibit was curated by Jennifer Brown (photo 2), collection manager for the Ware Collection of Blaschka Glass Models of Plants.

Flower power

Four stunning creations back on display in Glass Flowers gallery



Ari Brenner '14 (from left), Jake Silberg '15, and Libby Coleman '15, members of the Immediate Gratification Players, acted out topics that typically arise between freshmen and their parents (photo 1). Interim College Dean Donald Pfister (photo 2) welcomed parents at a packed Sanders Theatre (photo 3).

Progress report

Freshmen and parents get together, recount their changes, reflect on University life