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Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

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Elizabeth Wolkovich is an assistant professor of organismic and evolutionary biology and also a wine lover who is working today to better understand wine grape phenology and changes that might be needed in a warming world.

Wine watcher

Impact of climate change on vineyards a point of focus for biologist



Cambridge Rindge and Latin teacher Paul McGuinness (from left, photo 1) arranged to have his students Skype with Harvard Professor Peter Girguis, who was in the Alvin submarine. “The opportunity for all kinds of students to talk face-to-face to the people on a vessel like that, answering questions in the moment, is really valuable,” said CRLS senior Caspian Harding  (from left, photo 2), who sat next to fellow student Clio Macrakis during the presentation.

Into the deep

Cambridge students connect with Harvard researchers exploring Gulf with sub