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Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies

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“The Blokadnitsy Project,” an exhibit by Jill Bough, presents photographs of women who survived the Siege of Leningrad. Each photo collage (of which only a detail appears here) is framed with artifacts from the women's apartments and a statement, like this one by Emma: "The stress we felt was not just about the war. It was the fact that we were prisoners."

Haunted by the siege

70 years later, Leningrad survivors tell their stories through words and images as part of 'Blokadnitsy Project'



Col. Ann Wright, who had been in the Army for almost three decades and had then served around the world in the diplomatic corps, was one of only three U.S. government officials to resign in protest to the Iraq war. “You never know when your conscience is going to get you,” she told the audience at the Carr Center-sponsored event "The Razor's Edge," a daylong conference on principled dissent.

The hard way

Four stories of dissent and consequence at Carr Center event



In 2007, Harvard researchers Hugo Garcia (from left), Reina Flores, Vicky Karas, Barbara Fash, and Citlali Sanchez were in Yaxchilan, Mexico, bringing new technology to the archaeological site.

Beyond boundaries

As the pace of globalization quickens, Harvard embraces the world as its classroom