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Civil Rights Movement

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"We weren’t trying to give you any kind of new information. We were trying to give you a sense of the feeling of that summer and how people felt when the bodies were discovered," said Stanley Nelson  Jr., following an excerpt from his film "Freedom Summer." President Drew Faust took part in a Q&A session with Nelson during the final  William Belden Noble Lecture last night at Memorial Church.

What they overcame

Filmmaker Stanley Nelson Jr. explains how he documents the Civil Rights Movement and the African-American experience



With her personal copy of Martin Luther King's "Letter from Birmingham Jail," President Drew Faust talked about how the Civil Rights Movement and King’s words affected her. She told the Harvard Business School students that they don’t have to enter service-related fields to foster change. If they desire it, opportunities to act will become apparent. “Keep in mind this intense desire to make a difference, and you’re going to find a lot of opportunities to do it,” Faust said.

Message delivered

President Faust offers her insights into ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’ to HBS first-year students