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Busch-Reisinger Museum

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Wolfgang Tillmans' "paper drop (sheet)," 2006, from the exhibit “Folding, Refraction, Touch: Modern and Contemporary Art in Dialogue with Wolfgang Tillmans” © Wolfgang Tillmans

Visual synesthesia

Harvard Art Museums’ new exhibit examines implied physicality with unique combination of original and inspired works



The new glass rooftop that now tops Harvard Art Museums allows natural light to filter down into the courtyard.

Art's shining future

Renewed Harvard museums to reopen in a sparkling building, showcasing evocative works



Director of Facilities Planning and Management for the Harvard Art Museums Peter Atkinson examines the Harvard Art Museums’ new rooftop designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano (photo 1). The elegant glass and steel roof (photos 2, 3) diffuses sunlight into the building’s new central circulation corridor including various galleries and arcades, and onto the iconic Calderwood Courtyard.

Let there be light

In revamped Art Museums, architect Renzo Piano’s crystalline roof acts as a ‘glass lantern,’ brightening all below