Understanding how the intestine replaces and repairs itself
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Love interrupted
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Microscopy taps power of programmable DNA
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Faculty elected to National Academy of Sciences
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Music as fine medicine
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Taking a moment to give thanks
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Molecular motion in detail
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Harvard scholars named outstanding early-career scientists by President Obama
HMS faculty wins Clinical Scientist Development Award
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HMS, Dana-Farber scientists receive 2012 Alpert Prize
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Jain receives 2012 Science of Oncology Award
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HMS publication recognized in national design competition
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Experimental drug improves Cushing’s disease
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Alzheimer’s-like changes in the brain
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Too much variety
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Helping the heart help itself
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The story from beginning to end
Charles McCabe
Doctors’ group drops late-night ER visit fees
Doctors Don’t Agree On Letting Patients See Notes
Diabetes Medication May Get New Life as Cancer Treatment
Robert Timmons McCluskey
Lloyd M. Aiello receives Alpert Prize for preventing blindness in diabetic patients
Thomas Carlyle Jones
Insured, but Bankrupted Anyway
Medical grants a boon for Mass.
Bringing science back to Liberian classrooms
Child psychiatrist pens her past
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Beyond the Biopsy: A Tiny Monitor for Cancer
Don’t amputate the wrong leg
For Best Results, Take the Sting Out of Criticism
Kirschner and King named University Professors
Social pressure keeps African AIDS patients in treatment
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Safer stem cells for therapy
I. (Israel) David Todres
Shukri F. Khuri
2008-09: A look back
Dean Tosteson dies at age 84
Mobile health van returns $36 for every dollar invested
Judah Folkman
Brigham face transplant recipient goes home
Forstein honored with the Art of Healing Award
William Curry Moloney
Patients expect computers to play major role in health care
Lessons from past explored to expedite future research
Leskov, Zimmerman awarded Hofer Prize for Collecting
In brief
HMS Dean’s Symposium on Clinical and Translational Research set
Brigham surgeons perform face transplant
HMS’s Harlow receives award from melanoma foundation