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General Education

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“This is a perfect example of the way the arts can meld into the undergraduate curriculum and serve as an important teaching tool for the big questions that archaeology and anthropology pose,”  said Harvard President Drew Faust (left). In offering some background on the course, Assistant Professor Matthew J. Liebmann (right) said, “Everybody in the course has a little archaeological experience because they all took part in an excavation in Harvard Yard. So everybody has been in the dirt at least one day.”

Faust digs Gen Ed

University president visits ceramics studio for hands-on lesson in archaeology



Thomas Kelly, Harvard’s Morton B. Knafel Professor of Music, addressed a crowd at the Harvard Allston Education Portal. Kelly’s talk was based on his popular course “First Nights,” where he explores the performance premieres of five seminal music works through a cultural, musical, and historical lens.


Professor delights in details of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony