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The conference “Governance of Tobacco in the 21st Century" gathered together 250 registrants from 35 countries to discuss public health, trade, finance, agriculture, and law. By the end of the conference a few recommendations for international controls stood out: Consider public health a basic human right, and tobacco promotion a violation of that right.

A deadly foe

Experts gather to trade ideas on worldwide anti-tobacco measures



"Even though we can cure a large subset of children with T-ALL, about 25 percent of pediatric patients with the disease die of it, either because first-line chemotherapy fails, or because they relapse after being in remission for a year or two. Until now, there has been no way of determining ahead of time whether a patient is likely to be helped by the standard regimen of front-line drugs," said the study's lead author, Alejandro Gutierrez, a Harvard Medical School instructor in pediatrics at Dana-Farber.

Better odds

New test could predict best treatment for children with leukemia