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Student being bullied by a group of students

Not a popularity contest

Most college freshmen assume classmates have more friends and fun, which may influence their efforts to make new friends, study says


Five undergraduate women from Harvard College talk about how they spent the summer researching climate and ecological stresses.

Students aiding the environment

Five undergraduate women spent the summer researching climate change, sustainability around world


Professor of Government and Technology in Residence, Department of Government Latanya Sweeney

Voting-roll vulnerability

Study points to potential security weakness in many online registration systems


Harvard Professor Jim Sidanius is co-author of a study linking social-dominance orientation to various data indicators for inequality.

The social cycle of repression

Study links an individual’s psychological basis for enforcing group hierarchies to national indicators


The Wolbach Library is putting together an exhibition of Harvard's observations of eclipses since the 19th century, including the papers (pictured) of George Phillips Bond, Harvard Observatory director from 1859 to 1865.

Eclipses, through the years

As photography developed, Harvard astronomers eagerly embraced it to understand the heavens


An Asian green mussel’s foot probes the surface, evaluating whether it can attach byssal threads. The Wyss' SLIPS technology disrupts this process, confusing its senses and forcing it to move on.

No harm, no foul

Wyss-developed antifouling coating a boon to business and environment