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Judith Palfrey

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During a Wintersession program titled "The Writers' Room," Greg Daniels '85 (left) explained how to find success in writing for television. Daniels and fellow writer Robert Carlock ’95 candidly shared their experiences. "Shows with bad writers and a great cast have worked, but shows with good writers and a bad cast have not,” said Carlock. To which Daniels quickly quipped, “Because it’s easier to replace the writers. For all of you thinking about becoming a writer, it’s sad, but true.”

Hooked on humor

As part of Wintersession, alumni explain how they wound up creating and writing TV comedies like '30 Rock' and 'The Office'



A builder takes a breather from reconstruction efforts in the coastal town of Cobqueruca, Chile, which was the epicenter of an earthquake in February 2010. More than three years later, the work continues ... with the help of Harvard's Recupera Chile. Ned Brown/Harvard Staff

Brick by brick

Long after Chile’s deadly quake, Harvard continues to help rebuild