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NIH resumes funding stem cell research – for now
President Faust issues statement supporting federal funding of stem cell research
University adopts faculty financial conflict of interest policies
Medical School revises conflict of interest policy
Most Americans who skipped H1N1 vaccines weren’t concerned about the illness
Processed meats come with increased risk of heart disease, diabetes
Panel examines New England’s contributions, role in global health
Doubling health spending in low-income countries improving health budget less than expected
Height and death
Get the salt out
Researchers warn new, dissolvable nicotine products could lead to accidental poisoning in children and youths
Electronic medical records not a panacea?
Media reporting HSPH professor to be named head of federal Medicare, Medicaid programs
Stimulus funds provide welcome research boost
Not having health insurance is expensive
School of Public Health professor advising feds on H1N1 policy
New study finds 45,000 deaths annually linked to lack of health coverage
Massachusetts Lt. Governor tours Harvard research facilities
Narayanamurti named director of Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program at Belfer Center
U.S. hospitals slow to adopt electronic health records, citing cost
Policies regarding IRB members’ industry contacts often lacking
President Obama taps Howard Koh for Assistant Secretary for Health
Patients are untapped resource for improving care, study finds
Inmates suffer from chronic illness, poor access to health care
John P. Holdren named President-elect Obama’s Science Advisor
Tobacco industry used cigarette menthol to recruit new adolescents and young adult smokers
Presidential election will bring change in federal stem cell policy
Growing U.S. disparities in health not inevitable
Symposium addresses disparities in Native American health care
Almost two million veterans lack health coverage
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to receive Richmond Award for promotion of public health in NYC and nation
U.S. lagging in adoption of electronic health records
Smoke-free pubs keep Irish eyes smiling
Berkman Center helps launch StopBadware campaign
Beckert tracks cotton trail
Survey: Many seniors don’t understand Medicare drug benefit
Survey of Katrina evacuees in Houston: Half trapped in homes waited three days or more for rescue
Task Forces on Women release findings
New calculations suggest economic cost of Iraq war much larger than previously recognized
Study casts doubt on claims that the medical malpractice system is plagued by frivolous lawsuits
Ninety percent of U.S. wounded survive
Researchers find high levels of potentially toxic heavy metals in  herbal medicine products
Charter schools get high grades
China’s one-child policy comes of age
Residential segregation in metro Boston goes beyond affordability
Worth more than the paper they’re written on
Who goes to college?
Surveying students to understand school reform
Area universities enhance regional economy
New study suggests staggered boards hurt shareholders