Design for movement
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The joys (and benefits) of movement
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Ups and downs at Harvard Stadium
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A strong start toward good health: Good choices
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Using weights to target belly fat
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Cancer prevention: Flexible work environment, folate supplementation may be protective
Muscle training linked with lowered risk of type 2 diabetes
Decades of exercise research at HSPH
Not as evolved as we think
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TV viewing, exercise habits may significantly affect sperm count
How much exercise is enough?
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In obesity battle, beige is the new brown
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Exercise reduces psoriasis risk
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A look inside: Lowell House
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Healthy competition
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Obesity? Diabetes? We’ve been set up
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Decoding keys to a healthy life
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Reaping benefits of exercise minus the sweat
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Run (or walk)
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You are where you live
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Insights on healthy aging
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Detailed metabolic profile gives “chemical snapshot” of the effects of exercise
60 minutes of exercise per day needed for middle-aged women to maintain weight
Coming and going at Harvard
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Phys Ed: Is Running Barefoot Better for You?
D. Mark Hegsted, national force in science of human nutrition, dies
Shining light on leptin’s role in brain
Waist size predictor of heart failure in men and women
This month in Harvard history
Changes in diet and lifestyle may help prevent infertility
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Humans hot, sweaty, natural-born runners
Harvard athletes grow bigger, better hearts
Exercise boosts health of HIV-infected women
Exercise cuts risk of sudden cardiac death
Exercise shown to promote breast cancer survival
Study finds that both weight and exercise are key to longevity
Sudden death among military personnel often caused by  exercise and an identifiable cardiac abnormality
Walking improves cognitive functions in older women
Study finds leptin plays a key role in women’s health
Dramatic gains shown with moderate weight loss, exercise
Generous portions of TV make women fat
Specific types of exercise can significantly reduce risk of heart disease among men
Cardiovascular risks seen from marathon running
Determining colon cancer risk is becoming easier
Physically active women reduce risk of stroke