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From a solitary cell emerges others that are needed to build an organism. Pictured is a Xenopus egg in one stage of dividing.

From one, many

Harvard scientists reveal the genetic roadmap to building an entire organism from a single cell


"One result of our modern attitude toward running is that we forget how good just average people can be," says Daniel Lieberman.

How fast can we run?

Marathon-ready Daniel Lieberman offers evolutionary perspective on Bannister 4-minute mile, human speed limits, and ‘Man Against Horse’


A new study argues that social networks have unwittingly become complicit in amplifying fake news, and that a multidisciplinary effort is needed to better understand how the Internet spreads content and how it is consumed.

The ruse of ‘fake news’

Researchers want to use science to combat techniques that can make the true seem false, and the reverse


TESS satellite

TESS to search the sky for new worlds

NASA’s satellite expected to discover planets whose atmospheric compositions ‘hold potential clues to the presence of life’



Microbes by the mile

Exhibit shows the beauty, utility of microscopic universe around us


Visualization of the moon emerging from a cloud of vaporized rock.

A new view of the moon

Research led by grad student points to origins in ‘synestia,’ challenging widely accepted model