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Auroras as seen from the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station..

Life on the ice

Harvard researchers recount working and living at one of the most remote places on Earth: The South Pole


SWIFT vascular channels

A SWIFTer way to build organs

New technique allows 3D printing to focus on printing the vessels necessary to support a living tissue construct


two students looking at notebook together

Lessons in learning

Study shows students in ‘active learning’ classrooms learn more than they think


Releasing moths

Fighting flora with fauna

The Arnold Arboretum uses new research and a pretty moth to fight an invasive species


Islet on a chip

Pancreas on a chip

Harvard scientists have combined organ-on-a-chip and stem-cell technologies to make a powerful tool for diabetes research and beta-cell transplantation


Crow with tool

Clever crows

After using tools, the birds behave more optimistically, study suggests


Yaya Ku researches the moon

How the moon came to be

Graduate student gets her hands on lunar samples to learn how the gleaming orb was formed


Center for Astrophysics astronomer Laura Kreidberg framed by a metal structure

Are we alone in the universe?

Harvard astronomer Laura Kreidberg spends her days looking at extrasolar planets trying to answer the question