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Levitating frog.

Physics, real and fictional

Study explores how humans’ sense of ‘intuitive physics’ leaves fingerprints on fictional worlds


Patrick Behrer in Harvard Square.

Toll of climate change on workers

Harvard economist says rise in number of very hot days will cut productivity and hike health risks, especially for many in blue-collar jobs


Heliconius xanthocles butterfly illustration with wings spread.

A clue to biodiversity?

Study reveals surprising amount of gene flow between butterfly species


Spider jumping from one platform to an insect on another.

Inspired by jumping spiders

SEAS researchers design depth sensor that could be used in microrobotics, augmented reality, wearable devices


George Lauder holding a robotic fish

Both marathoner and sprinter

With capacity for long-range efficiency and short bursts of speed, ‘Tunabot’ can illuminate the physics of how fish move


Jennifer Winters

My three suns

Discovery of object with multiple stars offers insight into our planet


Portion of graphic on CRISPR

Genome editing with precision

Prime editing system offers wide range of versatility in human cells, correcting disease-causing genetic variations


Vinothan Manoharan and Lanell Williams

Unhidden figures

Conference encourages women of color to pursue doctorates in physics


Rana el Kaliouby and Danielle Allen

Is technology evil?

HubWeek discussion looks at the ethics of individuals and an industry


optical tweezers in use

Tiny tweezers

In a first, optical tweezers give Harvard scientists the control to capture ultracold molecules