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Madison Krieger.

Breaking down ‘Beowulf’

Researchers use statistical technique to find evidence that Old English poem had a single author


Illustration of abstract technology.

Tapping the collective mind

Done right, machine learning could transform treatment and diagnosis for patients worldwide


The toggle gripper holds a screwdriver.

A soft touch

Pneumatic digital logic eliminates the last hard components from robots


Chad Cowen

‘Any patient with any disease’

Sana Biotechnology licenses innovative immune-silent stem cell technology developed though Harvard’s Blavatnik Biomedical Accelerator


Redwoods can grow more than 300 feet tall and can live for more than 1,000 years.

Seeing the forest for the trees

National Book Award winner Richard Powers discusses how writing his latest novel affected his view of humans and nature


Scientist Irene Pepperberg with African grey parrot, Griffin.

Brainy birds

Study shows parrots can pass classic test of intelligence


detail of an eye

Focusing on the fovea

First cellular atlas could prove valuable resource in study of blinding diseases


CT scans of crocodile skulls.

Facing crocodiles head-on

Study examines how evolution modified the long-surviving reptiles’ snouts


Heavy seas come ashore in Massachusetts.

And now, land may be sinking

Study suggests mid-Atlantic is getting lower, which may exacerbate effects of sea-level rise


Hal Harvey gives climate talk.

Think different, act more

Environmental policy advocate suggests new paths to combat climate change


neurone string

More than a courier

Once seen as the nerve cells’ foot soldier, the axon emerges as an independent decision-maker