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Mayall 4m Telescope.

Charting the universe

Nearly 40 years after creating the first, iconic map of the universe, researchers aim for the largest map ever


Intestinal microbiome.

A gut feeling

Scientists link genetic makeup of bacteria in the human gut to several human diseases


Zebrafish embryo.

Not so black and white

Harvard researchers identify mechanism with therapeutic potential for anemia by studying zebrafish


Man with sensitive teeth eating ice cream.

A pain in the tooth

Researchers discover why cold induces tooth pain and hypersensitivity — and how to stop it


Person scratching.

An itching question

Insights at the intersection of the nervous, immune systems point to the culprit


William Shih.

DNA, assemble

Planting the seed for DNA nanoconstructs that grow to the micron scale


Scientists test water.

Uncovering hidden chemicals

New tool finds and fingerprints previously undetected PFAS compounds in watersheds on Cape Cod