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astrophysicist and cosmologist Martin Rees

Crunch time for the human race

With fate of the world in our hands, astrophysicist and cosmologist Martin Rees expects a century of life-altering decisions


Gina McCarthy says having a pessimistic attitude about the environment is counterproductive. "I’m not big on admitting defeat when I think that the futures of my kids and grandkids are at stake."

Siding with science

Ex-EPA chief Gina McCarthy plans to speak up — and stay busy — as leader of climate-health center at Harvard Chan School


Acoustophoretic printing.

Printing with sound

Researchers use acoustic forces to print droplets that couldn’t be printed before


Rendering of lab animals moving.

Movement monitor

An open-source AI tool for studying movement across behaviors and species


David Latham

The scope of TESS

Harvard astronomer Latham set for lead role in exoplanet mission


Two cheetahs in the wild.

Deep into the wild

Researchers give Snapshot Serengeti project an AI boost