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Harvard Square is one of the most walkable neighborhoods of Cambridge, offering a great deal of visual stimulation and several destinations in a small area.

Why city blocks work

Shorter is better, analysts say, but if they’re too narrow, people spend too much time crossing streets


James Cuff, assistant dean and distinguished engineer for research computing, is the principle investigator on a $4 million NSF grant to develop the North East Storage Exchange, a collaboration of five local universities to provide easier storage and faster retrieval of massive quantities of data.

For bigger data, more storage

With Odyssey’s expansion, Harvard and partner universities will have faster access to vast amounts of information


"My profound concern is that when it comes to the forced movement of people caused by climate change, we have no models," said Robin Bronen, human rights attorney and a senior clinical instructor at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

Fleeing climate change

University of Alaska scholar describes a coming crisis of displacement


Molly Edwards is the creator and host of "Science IRL," a new YouTube channel that highlights the work of scientists in their labs. "It’s really easy to imagine what a doctor or a lawyer or a teacher does at work," she says, "but people don’t get to see what a scientist does every day.”

Science, meet YouTube

Harvard grad student shares enthusiasm for discovery by taking viewers into labs