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Sadada Jackson with exhibit.

Curating the future

Exhibit highlights indigenous historical materials at Tozzer


People on a stage performing an opera.

Giving voice to the heart

New opera by Chaya Czernowin explores the inner workings and many voices of the heart and soul


The Beatles performing on Ed Sullivan show.

Baby, you can drive my car

The Beatles could be sexist jerks personally, but one scholar says the band surprisingly explored 'proto-feminist' themes in some songs


Allie Jeffay wears a large, white sun hat and sunglasses.

Come to the cabaret

New student-created production embraces the anything-goes form in a dramatic satire of campus life


Rehearsing "Moby-Dick."

Sing me Ishmael

Dave Malloy, who turned ‘War and Peace’ into a musical, takes on Melville’s classic novel 'Moby-Dick'


Aysha Upchurch teaches Hip Hop Dance in Farkas Hall.

Hip-hop steps up

Combining dance with a look at the social and cultural history of the genre


Collage of people playing music around the world.

Music everywhere

Comprehensive study explains that it is universal and that some songs sound ‘right’ in different social contexts, all over the world


Performers rehearse choreography

Lessons of ‘West Side Story’

Cast and crew of new production wrestle with the classic musical’s racial, ethnic, and political complications


Three people on a stage.

The heart of the matter

A transdisciplinary artist and a transplant researcher discuss the biology, imagery, and symbolism of a very vital organ


Designer Walé Oyéjidé

Confronting bias through fashion

Designer, filmmaker, writer, and record producer Walé Oyéjidé discusses art as a ‘Trojan Horse’ for attitudes and ideas


Lonnie Bunch and Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

The story of a museum and of America

Founding director Bunch recounts the creation of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture


Robert Reid-Pharr, Tomiko Brown-Nagin, Imani Perry.

Writing black lives

In Radcliffe discussion, biographers reflect on their art


Amirah Sackett

All the right moves

Dancer Amirah Sackett brings her mash-up style to Harvard


Makeda Daniel

Nas next to Mozart? Why not?

Harvard archive shines an academic light on the social, poetic, and musical complexities of hip-hop


Three women in Yugoslavia, 1955

A lost Yugoslavia

A selection of photos by Nobel laureate Martin Karplus taken in post-war Europe on display


"The Bow" photo by Frank Stewart

The soul of a jazz man

Cooper Gallery features photo exhibit by Frank Stewart, who chronicled musicians